Bread Machine Challah

Challah is delicious, but it’s braided so it’s more of a pull-apart bread than a slicing/sandwich bread, which is what I wanted for lunch-making purposes 🙂

So, I looked around the internet and found a sandwich-style Challah recipe that can be made in the bread machine (always a plus!)

IMG_1233 small

The texture is very light and airy and the bread is slightly sweet.

I was a little unsure of what setting I should use on my bread machine…I was trying to decide between Basic and Sweet. I ended up following the recipe, which says to use the Basic setting (it took 2 hours 40 minutes in total) and it turned out great.

IMG_1240 small

IMG_1242 small

IMG_1246 small

Ooo, bubbles... And a bread-cave!

IMG_1243 small


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Attempts at making Challah

I’ve made Challah twice, using my bread machine to make the dough. The first time, it didn’t go so well. Sure, it looks like everything turned out alright…
IMG_0462 small

IMG_0465 small

IMG_0472 small

…But,  the inside of the bread was doughy and raw. Also, the sesame seeds tasted weird, kind of spicy (is that how they’re supposed to be?),  so I ended up scraping them off.

It was a few months until I tried making it again, this time with greater success. I baked it at a lower temperature for a longer time and got something that was actually cooked on the inside. (I had to break into it just to make sure.)

IMG_0886 small

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