Bread Machine Challah

Challah is delicious, but it’s braided so it’s more of a pull-apart bread than a slicing/sandwich bread, which is what I wanted for lunch-making purposes 🙂

So, I looked around the internet and found a sandwich-style Challah recipe that can be made in the bread machine (always a plus!)

IMG_1233 small

The texture is very light and airy and the bread is slightly sweet.

I was a little unsure of what setting I should use on my bread machine…I was trying to decide between Basic and Sweet. I ended up following the recipe, which says to use the Basic setting (it took 2 hours 40 minutes in total) and it turned out great.

IMG_1240 small

IMG_1242 small

IMG_1246 small

Ooo, bubbles... And a bread-cave!

IMG_1243 small


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